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TP, 33, Strand-on-the-Green

"I’ve been going to the gym for over a decade but without any particular structure or framework being applied to what I do in there. Having recently come to a stage of my life where time is at an absolute premium, I was looking for a way to bring some discipline and order to my gym going habits so as to maximise my returns from the limited time I’d have in there. I enlisted Gab’s personal training services in order to assist me in delivering that brief, and he has done so perfectly; Gabs has an extremely professional manner and applies a rigorous and technical approach to his personal training methods which, most importantly, flex and adapt to the individual concerned and their goals. He continually keeps an eye on where improvements and small increments to my program might be made without my asking him to, and explains to me why each change is being made on an ongoing basis. He also encourages me to stay focussed on my routine when I get carried away narrating tales of my week which in my case is often needed! I would feel highly comfortable recommending Gabs to anyone given the level of flexibility in approach I know he has, and look forward to building further on achieving my goals with him in the months to come!"

Gym Tools

Zoe, 21, Chiswick

“I started training with Gabriel around six / seven years ago. I entered the gym knowing absolutely nothing about exercises, technique, equipment or even what I wanted to gain from the gym other than “being healthy”.


I know that I would never have achieved the level of fitness and wellness I have currently if it weren’t for Gabs. I’m doing things I never dreamed I’d ever be able to do such as deadlifting more than my own body weight.


Not once in the entire time I have trained with Gabs have I ever had an injury, he is ridiculously knowledgeable and I have full confidence that my technique is always spot on.


Every session is so fun, challenging absolutely (otherwise what’s the point!), but so rewarding. I’ve learnt so much - from strength training to circuits, hiit, how to sprint, how to skip, knowledge about mobility / flexibility and my body that I can take with me through everyday life!


I feel strong, confident and love training in the gym and that’s all thanks to Gabs.


Besides all this - he’s so personable and friendly and I really value the relationship I’ve built with him over the past six years or so. I can safely say I’ll be training with him for many years to come. Gabs is always learning new things and every session I take away something new that I didn’t know before!”

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Gym Tools

Hugh, Chiswick

“I have worked with Gabriel for a number of years, seeing him regularly for a weekly one-hour personal training session. Gabriel approaches the sessions with professionalism and enthusiasm; he always arrives with a well-prepared and structured set of activities, he makes sure he understands my training and health goals and any health issues I may have, and he is genuinely interested in my progress. Gabriel’s sessions are motivating, challenging and enjoyable. They provide me with a regular weekly focal point around which I keep myself active and enthusiastic about my fitness - which has definitely improved - and I would not hesitate to recommend him.”

Gym Tools

Dan, 45, Hammersmith

“Gabs brings in-depth knowledge, enthusiasm and dedication to your progress to every session. His video sessions during lockdown worked brilliantly and underlined his ability to get the best out of you. I would recommend Gabs highly to anyone, whatever your fitness goals and availability. He will make it work for you.”

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Gym Tools

Stephen, Chiswick

“Gabriel has an uncanny understanding of his client’s ambitions, capabilities and weaknesses. Each session sets a challenge a little bit further to reach than the last. But not too much further. Effort is required, but you can make it. Achievement is within grasp. This is personal training in the Goldilocks zone, and it is immensely rewarding. Gabriel’s special skill lies in understanding where, on each day, the client stands and how far he or she might go.”

Gym Tools

Gwynne, Chiswick

“I have been preparing for a left knee replacement operation and Gabriel Jones has been guiding my prehab exercise regime at The Hogarth. His support and enthusiasm have been tremendous. He is knowledgeable, encouraging and I’ve noted a significant improvement in leg strength in both legs over the 20 sessions completed so far under his guidance. Highly recommendable!”

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