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Gabriel Jones (MSc, PT, CSCS)

Key Qualifications:


MSc in Strength & Conditioning

NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

BSc Sports Development & Coaching Science

FA Level 2 (Licensed and insured coach)

Level 3 Certificate Personal Training


Coaching Experience (2010-present):


  • Fitness Coach at a Step 4 Isthmian League Club - Present

  • Academy sports science coach at an English Football League club (2017-18)

  • University women’s 1st team football coach & S&C coach (2016-19)

  • 1st team manager in Middlesex County Premier Division (2018-20)

  • S&C/Assistant coach at a Greater London Women's Football League club (2014-17)

  • Manager at a Greater London Women's Football League club (2012)

  • Academy coaching across North Carolina, USA (2013)

  • International School Varsity coach (2015)

  • Advanced Training Programme coach (2011-13)

  • 3-5 year olds engaging them in basic movements and introducing them to sport

  • Multi-sports coach, delivering PE/After school sports in a number of primary schools

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