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Gabriel Jones (MSc, BSc, PT, CSCS)

Over the years I have accumulated a wealth of varied and valuable experience, coaching movement to a vast array of people; The demographics of my loyal client base prove this. Their ages range from 8 years old to 70+ years old, but they all want the same thing from life - to be able to move with prowess, strength and execute physical tasks with ease and absence of pain.

The journey with my clients is an intimate one. They trust me with everything on their plate, whether they are the middle-aged city worker seeking fitness levels of the past, or my elite young athlete looking for the finest edge in sporting performance. I have worked closely with professional athletes, politicians, city workers, young people, glamour models, pop-stars, cancer battlers and survivors, amputees and the list goes on. Everybody has different needs, objectives and requirements, including a personal touch from their training that acknowledges this.


Along with these unique learning experiences I take from each individual and their personal stories (and wow, there have been some incredible, inspiring, and heartbreaking ones along the way), my thirst for learning has helped me develop a valuable coaching skill-set and a range of advanced yet simple methods to help me absolutely maximise your exercise experience and make it fun, educational, successful and incredibly rewarding! Whatever your story is, I'd be delighted to lend an ear, offer my support, and commit my knowledge and experience to ensuring you get to where you need to be.


Key Qualifications:


MSc in Strength & Conditioning

BSc Sports Development & Coaching Science

Level 3 Certificate Personal Training

NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

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