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"I really never thought I'd be someone to have a personal trainer, but I've been working with Gabriel since 2018 and it's been the most important facet of my wellness and fitness programme. Gabriel is an attentive and intuitive trainer, and he knows his stuff! He has helped me at so many different stages, adapting the programme to meet specific goals or needs.  For example, Gabriel helped me to steadily and safely train for my first 10k, me having never run before.  Working with Gabriel, I came to understand the benefits of strength training, and also came to love it.  This was particularly important for me as I hit my 50s, and perimenopause set in.  During the lockdown of 2020, Gabriel adapted to help continue to train with me at every turn:  he swiftly pivoted to provide 1:1 sessions over skype, met up with me in the park to do outdoor sessions when allowed, and then back at the gym when they reopened. Gabriel is also incredibly positive and motivating, which is helpful especially when I'm feeling too hard on myself.  He's lots of fun to train with, and I always have a laugh and leave smiling, even after a very tough session. Can't recommend him highly enough, no matter what type of training or support you're looking for. "


Heather, Chiswick

Check Out the Online PT 'How-to' Guide

Online PT can be a daunting prospect for anyone who hasn't tried it before. After all, it can be hard to imagine what your trainer could possibly dream up to get you fit AND strong in a small space with minimal equipment, but trust me! You'll be amazed. As a virtual personal trainer, I’ve provided some basic online training tips and information for your reference. Please check them out below before signing up for online personal training. I hope this helps you :)

Modern digital equipment

Online Training Tips:



Skype, Zoom, and WhatsApp video are all commonly used for online sessions. What we use is all down to your convenience!


If possible, try to ensure that you have at least enough floor space for you to lay flat on the floor with your arms outstretched. The more space the better, but don't worry if you are restricted!


How we utilise equipment is up to you! If you have none, and want to do a home workout, we can use things in your home like chairs, sofas, tables, steps,etc. If you have your own equipment for home workouts this is very helpful and we can make great use of what you have. Likewise, if you have access to a gym, we are able to carry out an online session using your available equipment there (provided you are connected to headphones and are in an area of your gym where talking occasionally on your phone/tablet won't disturb fellow gym users).


If you're able to, connect a set of bluetooth headphones to your phone/tablet/laptop for your session. This makes hearing your guidance accurately extremely easy, and also helps during those tough exercises hearing that motivation in your ears!

Other Useful Tips

Come to each session fully hydrated
Make sure you have eaten something in the past 2-3 hours
Wear appropriate footwear and clothing for exercise (if you are at home footwear is not essential)
Report any aches, pains, injuries or illnesses before we begin!

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