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Training Programmes

  • Train in the gym, at home, or outdoors with a new direction, discipline, and purpose

  • Reduce injury risk, or successfully rehabilitate to return to your favourite activities

  • Carry out exercises in the correct order with accurate volume and intensity

  • Achieve and exceed objectives beyond your imagination quickly and effectively

  • Prepare for tough endurance events with focus and attention to detail

  • Blending strength and endurance training holistically to maximise performance

  • Use of mobility, core stability, and plyometric drills to enhance skill execution (eg. running)

  • Periodized and carefully positioned to factor in recovery time and maximise freshness

Why Commence a Programme?

Implementing a high-quality training programme is an important step towards meaningful progress in your fitness journey, but can be the hardest part of the decision-making process when trying to determine where to look to find the right programme for you. 


Your training programme is uniquely crafted by Gabriel Jones, a strength & conditioning coach with over 14 years of experience, and an industry-renowned master's degree from the programme at St Mary’s University Twickenham, which blends scientific theory and practice with real-world professional development.


What to Expect

Upon the purchase of your programme, a consultation is arranged to discuss the most clear and effective path forwards for you and your training goals.

A thorough needs analysis will be conducted in order to retrieve a broad range of information including your specific outcome objectives, exercise and training history, injuries and weak points, even your lifestyle, work schedule and personality are taken into account to ensure that the training programme you receive is unique to you, and you only. These unique aspects of your plan can be found in the finest details, from equipment selection and lifting tempos to the prescribed sets, reps, recovery times, and training frequency.


Following this strategic process, your programme is then sent to you electronically for you to commence training. For one-off programmes, I am always on hand for the duration you have purchased (12/16 weeks) to field questions and provide detailed guidance via email to help with the inevitable tweaks and adjustments to the initially prescribed activities.

The rolling monthly programme provides weekly updated session plans with specific progressions week to week, all of which reflect not only your constantly changing adaptations and responses to training (both positive and negative), but also your lifestyle and the relentless changes to the diary we all experience.


Train with purpose for any sport or fitness objective

Detailed and professionally designed programmes unique to you and your training objectives

Getting Ready to Run
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