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Doing Hard Things & Understanding What ‘Toughness’ Really Is…


12 JAN 2024. PAID

Imagine if you could experience never-ending motivation.

Would be incredible, right?

What would it be like to experience a continuous yield of that hard kick of adrenaline you feel inside your body when you see the inspirational instagram video?

Or constant access to that urge to jump-start your efforts in the new year? Or a renewing, rolling epiphany which reveals itself to you at the right moment, similar to when you read an article that made you finally see the direction you need to take yourself in to make meaningful progress?

How can we get people to that place? Surely that’s the future of the fitness industry?

Well, sorry to pee on the proverbial bonfire - but none of that’s gonna happen.

Not in your lifetime or mine. Getting the work done sucks a lot of the time.


‘Motivation is like a petrol tank. We use it up.’

- Dr Steve Peters


Recently I’ve been finally getting round to reading more of the brilliant book ‘Do Hard Things’ by Steve Magness, one of the guest lecturers from my Master’s degree at St. Mary’s University and an elite sports performance scientist and distance running coach. This book completely tears up the traditional script of what society has generally perceived ‘mental toughness’ to be (coaches screaming and posturing aggressively, jabbering about passion, desire and ‘man up’), and goes further to demonstrate that not only is the old school model not developing resilience and discipline, it is actually going some way in doing the exact opposite thing it is supposed to (little do the coaches realise).

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